Born French and a Swiss citizen for now 15 years, I decided to create my own jewelry collection in 2017.

Since my early childhood, I drew sketches of jewelry designs and my ideas have now taken shape. I got into the world of jewelry to understand all the workings of this beautiful art and to make jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and earrings entirely by hand.
I design, carve and sculpt exclusive pieces that are both elegant and timeless.

Wood is at the center of my creations. To enhance and highlight this noble and warm material in my jewelry, I set it in silver jewelry boxes, made of vermeil or gold, providing a unique contrast.

Each creation is crafted individually, by hand, making each piece unique.

My first collection was born in my small workshop in Zug, Switzerland.

My line boasts many shades of color and a variety of textures, inspired by nature.
My wish is to highlight the beauty of women in pursuit of natural, simplicity and elegance.

I take special care in the finish of my products as well as the harmony of colors. My jewelry is available in 925 sterling silver, 18-karat gold vermeil or 18-karat gold. Fine/precious stones and diamonds are carefully selected to offer each piece its unique beauty, bringing a gentle touch, wild side or elegance, refinement.